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Auto Glass Replacement In Fresno, CA

At Central Valley Auto Glass, we've been standing behind our work since 1991, offering a lifetime warranty on all windshields we install. With friendly, knowledgeable technicians, fast mobile services, and low rates, why would you call anyone else?

Whether you need new glass and windows for a classic car restoration, a vandalized car window or from a rock that chipped your car window, you can rely on our team. Central Valley Auto Glass in Fresno, Ca, goes the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with our auto glass repair service. We get to you quickly and provide quality windshield installation and repair from experienced installation technicians. We can replace every window and glass in your vehicle with high quality auto glass. We can definitely help you get your windows for any vehicle back on track. We can get that pesky side glass, door glass and rear windshield for any make and model.

In most cases, the glass in the windows of your car is different from your windshield. Windshields are made from laminated safety glass while the other glass in your vehicle is usually made from tempered safety glass. Tempered glass is nearly 5 times stronger than regular glass, but it breaks into many small pieces when impacted.

Central Valley Auto Glass can replace nearly all types of tempered glass in your vehicle whether it is door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, or back glass. Sliding back windows for trucks are available from our extensive inventory of products. Custom-tempered or laminated glass can be cut for heavy equipment, construction vehicles, boats and nearly any type of vehicle or craft.
Auto Window Repair in Fresno, CA
Glazier repairing windscreen after stone chipping damage - Windshield replacement in Fresno, CA
Two Real Mechanics working - Auto glass services in Fresno, CA
Let's start by trying to answer a few basic questions about Auto Glass and repair.
  • Does my windshield need to be repaired or replaced? Often windshields can be repaired rather than be replaced and thereby lower the cost to the consumer and shorten the time needed for the repair.
  • How much does it cost? Windshield replacements vary depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle as well as added features such as defrosters, antennas and others; Click Here to request a quote or give us a call for exact pricing.
  • Does my insurance cover the damage? Depending on the type of insurance coverage you have, your damage may be covered by your insurance. Call Central Valley Auto Glass and we'll help you determine your level of coverage and arrange the insurance paperwork.
  • How long does it take? A windshield replacement generally takes about 2 hours. One hour to remove the old windshield and prepare the new one and an additional hour for the adhesive to make a safe seal between the glass and the vehicle.
  • How do I get the process started? Central Valley Auto glass offers a variety of ways to contact us about automotive glass repair or replacement - Click Here to request a quote and schedule an appointment 24/7, call or stop by the shop, we're happy to help you out.